77+ Best Basketball Captions For Instagram

Basketball Captions

Basketball Captions: We were once told that by playing basketball you will grow in height, or say become taller. Well, this game of sport is a very famous game which is played in a team of five players each. Some people love to play basketball as their passion, some when they get free time, and when they are bored or want to practice for sports.

About basketball captions for Instagram, it will come to your mind only either after you play the game, or after seeing the game. 

Basketball Captions

• Better not to make excuses, you only have to make free throws.

• Don’t ever keep calm, as it is the final four of the game.

• Keep calm and shoot on

• Play in a way that all your wishes come true.

• Play to defend and dominate. 

• In this game, you miss 100 percent of the shots that you have never taken.

• It is said that when you make foul shots you would win ball games. 

• When basketball is your craze, March will be your favorite month of the year. 

• In the case of basketball, winners will not wait for chances, but they take them. 

• You only have to keep calm and move on balling.

• You mind will say 99% basketball and that 1% will be some other hobby, or into doing something creative. 

• When you play basketball, the only goal that is in front of you is victory. 

• In this game, it will take a hard time for the player to hit a shot. But in terms of the team, you will make sure you all in the team win the game. 

• Basketball will take the way that you want it to be.

Basketball Instagram Captions

Basketball Instagram Captions
Basketball Instagram Captions

• If you are the cheerleader of the game, you will feel that you were cute, and then you will feel like playing the game yourself. 

• You will dream of cutting the small ball of the net. 

• For this game, better to keep calm and move to play on.

• We can make a simple life- eat, sleep and play basketball. 

• Players have to stand tall, talk less, and firm their minds into playing ball. 

• When you take a foul shot, definitely you win the ball game. 

• Life is much beautiful when basketball is played all day. 

• It is a beautiful game when you find all your five players at the court, and you have to play with only one heartbeat, being in a team, just to win. 

• Trust in your basketball, and put off your phone.

• Here, these game points are not important, but only winning them is most important. 

• It only dribbles, shoots, and rebounds and scores the game. 

• If you are in doubt about the pass, just have to pass I to your team member and back out. 

Basketball Captions for Instagram

Basketball Captions for Instagram
Basketball Captions for Instagram

• One being so smooth can be a great criminal.

• It is better to trust me when you see me, then later you will be able to keep seeing me. Not human but the ball.

• After all, the game is in your pretty bag. 

• Those persons are blessed who have the patience to wait for what they want, as it will take a while for them to return. 

• The best way to build your bench is to build up your legs and make them stronger than before. 

• It is not necessary that all players will get the same goal, and not necessarily that all will be happy. 

• There will be no one around you, who can stop you from having a very good time. 

• The game is just basketball, where you don’t have to be serious about it. 

• The game of basketball is not easy, and no one said it was very easy.

• For this game, it is very hard to get back to the right track. 

• This just makes me feel happy, by playing ball with all my friends. 

• When you chase another player, at times it makes you feel they are not fast enough. 

Funny Basketball Captions

• Whenever I take a shoot, there will be someone to stay to stop. 

• I always say I am a professional basketball player, but that happens only in my dreams. 

• Why would I and you always use hands for?

• My mom used to tell me not to take my helmet off, so for that, I just ducked in. 

• That opposite guy was mad at me as he could not jump over the other guy. What can I do?

• It is a fact that I am not a good player to be a pro at it, but I very well know that I am good at practicing the game. 

• Whatever does not keep killing you, those things make you stronger day by day. 

• Better not to dunk yourself, the rim is very low. 

• When the player makes a shot, it is his win. The ball has no point in lying to anyone.

• Without a wish you can never make your dreams true. 

Captions for basketball

• None has time for that. 

• It is true that I am not able to stop.

• My love for this game is true. 

• I am a tough player for this game.  

• This game is our life, and that is all we all players need. 

• After the wins, we are just getting warmed up. 

• I will play and make you my trophy. 

• Don’t worry game! I am still in the game. 

• It is better not to get too close to the net. 

Good Basketball Captions

• Better remember that defense wins championships. 

• How many points you have scored? Zero?

Don’t ever judge me until you have been inside my shoes. 

• Life is very tough, as do I am. 

• When you want things to go right, then you have to do it by yourself. 

• In this game, I am not a champion, but only an athlete.

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