Best 81 Christmas Pick Up Lines For Boys and Girls

Do you want to impress someone this holiday season? Make your holiday season memorable with some special ones by sharing your impressive lines. This Christmas, impress your men or women with some cheesy Christmas Pick up lines.

It is not easy to impress any lady or man with a few random Pick Up lines, but you have nothing to lose. So, keep your sarcasm high like your head and make your Christmas festival jolly.

Paste these hilarious Christmas Pick up lines on your loved ones, do a little flirt with them, and make your holiday season memorable. Who knows, you might meet the love of your life and keep you destined for your whole life with them. Please Check and use these Christmas Pick Up Lines

Best Christmas Pick up Lines

1. Are you not on the top of the tree? Because you seem like an angel to me.

2. Do you wanna be my Santa? Because then I wanna be the gift you have.

3. Even Santa Claus cannot make a gift sweet like you

4. I think I’m a snowflake cause I have fallen for you every time I see you

5. I get the energy of a jolly man like Santa because I can go all night long

6. We pretend like presents so that we both can lie under the tree the whole night

7. Do you want to eat something this Christmas eve? Cookies and Milk taste better at my place.

8. I’m eligible to work with elves in the gift-wrapping department as I’m a talented knotty girl/boy.

9. I’m not a snowman, but you melted me this winter.

10. Could you please hold my hands? I usually warm my hands at the fireplace; however, you are much hotter than any fireplace in the world.

11. Are you Christmas bell? Because I want you at my place ringing all day and night long

12. I have some mistletoe, how about coming to my place and trying them?

13. If I had been a grinch, you would have been stolen by me on this Christmas eve so that we could celebrate all night long.

Dirty Christmas pick up lines

Dirty Christmas pick up lines
Dirty Christmas pick up lines

1. Do you want to witness the amazing nights of the north pole with me while sitting in the snow?

2. Do you want to be my reindeer so that we could travel all night long this Christmas eve?

3. Do you want to spend a cozy night in the cute little hut of countryside England while watching snowflakes and sipping hot cocoa?

4. I like ginger cookies a lot, but I would still prefer to eat you.

5. Ever done sleight? Do you want to try it with me?

6. Santa’s home is not the only place where wishes come true. try me

7. Are you jingle bell? Because you seem to like going all the way

8. Do you want to meet the little help of Santa? Then look in the mirror

9. You may wear the ugliest sweater in the world, but you still look pretty in the whole world

10. Do you want to jingle all the laid?

11. If you would have been a Christmas tree, then I bet you remain evergreen throughout the year

12. Would you mind taking a picture with you so that I can estimate how Santa looks?

Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines

Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines
Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines

1. Can I help you in removing that ugly sweater so that I can see your beauty?

2. Did someone ask rhino from Santa this year? Because you may use something Cheesy

3. Where do you live? Oh, let me guess in an igloo cause you are such a cool person.

4. Do you want to be my Santa? Because you seem like a fluffy cute toy to me

5. If your right leg is Christmas and your left is thanksgiving, can I come in between the holidays to enjoy the festive season?

Christmas Pick-up Lines (Part 2)

1. If I were Santa, I would have never put your Christmas tree under the socks

3. The cake is less sweet than our love

4. I want to open you as a gift this Christmas

5. This holiday I will fill you up with my spirit

6. This Christmas, I will bring you some toys that will excite you the most like a kid. But that helps in making some kids.

Cheesy Christmas pick up lines

Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines
Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines

1. Do you want to come inside my warm and cozy cardigan?

2. Are you hot chocolate because I want to drink you warm and sweet?

3. This winter season, we are going to do something warm inside other than a burning fireplace

4. You are the first gift of my Christmas whom I’m gonna unwrap

5. Can I be the cookies to your Milk?

Christmas Pick up Lines (Part 2)

1. I don’t care if I’m on your nice or naughty list. I want to be on your to-do list

2. We are going to make a not-so-silent night

3. This guy is not so little. You know what I mean

4. Do you want to be my Christmas so that I can marry you?

5. This Christmas, Santa is going to visit you more than once

6. He may have a Lamborghini, but trust me, darling, I have the fastest sleigh

7. Do you want to hang like your stockings? So that I can fill you up with the exciting and pleasing gifts

Funny Christmas pick up lines

Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines
Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines

1. Even if there are many magnetic poles in the world, I would still walk to you

2. Forget about Santa; let me be your Santa

3. Santa is for kids and I am for you

4. Sweetheart, you are making me more excited than those gifts

5. Of all warmth from the fireplace and I’m still feeling hot near you

6. Fireplace warmness is nothing in front of my warm heart

7. I’m a Santa for adults. Come and sit on my lap and tell me what do you want tonight.

Christmas Pick up Lines (Part 2)

1. If you put it inside a bag, don’t worry. Because this Christmas I want you as my present

2. I want to be a tree so that you could be my tinsel

3. Do you want to be my yule log so that I can taste you better?

4. Grinch stole Christmas every time, but you stole me every time

5. Do you work in the boxing department? Because you are the whole package

6. You are my only reindeer

Naughty Christmas pick up lines

Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines
Dirty Christmas jokes pick up lines

7. If tomorrow morning you would wake up in a box, it is because I ask the best gift for Christmas

8. I want to spend 12 days of Christmas with you

9. Even Santa cannot make a gift like you

10. Santa said you want me as your gift

11. This Christmas, you are on top of my wish list

12. I have something exciting for you in my sack

13. I ask you for this Christmas

14. You are the reason for a naughty list

15. Merry Christmas once again 

I hope you will enjoy these Christmas Pick up Lines, Don’t forget to bring the laughter dose of Christmas Pick up Lines into your life. use these hilarious yet impressive pickup lines and make a difference in your life. merry Christmas ho ho ho.

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