Customer Relationship Management Tips for the Hoteliers

Customer Relationship Management Tips

If you want to maximize the sales in your hotel business then you must familiarize yourself with a robust customer relationship management strategy

Send emails and newsletters

Give offers and discounts some of the times: Giving offers and discounts can make your brand popular in no time. Also whenever you give the offers and discounts make sure to announce about the same to get maximum visibility. You can also give some special goodies and offers to your old clients, giving loyal points can also b a prudent decision.

Get More Personalized

Let’s face the fact! Customers love personalized products and services. A recent survey portrayed that most youngsters do not mind sharing some of the personalized details with the hope of getting personalized products and services that can retain customers and initiate repeat purchases of you curate customized products and services for your clients.

You can get the details of customer preferences on social media platforms. Popular social media platforms like Facebook will have information on your client’s preferences, and you can obtain data like demographics, location details, number of hours spent online, etc based on the data of your clients.

You will be surprised to know that most of the popular companies make use of customers’ personal data and browsing history to curate personalized products.

If you don’t believe this, remember the last time your browsed something on the internet and the next moment some ads of the particular products that you searched for were displayed to you? Most of the time, these innocent ads smartly persuade us to invest in the displayed products and services.

You can also understand your client’s preferences based on the browsing data. You just need to use these details smartly to fabricate products and services that will be instantly loved by your clients

Deep dive into the customers’ profiles

There is no harm in doing some homework before you figure out your sales strategy for your hotel business. You can gather the below-mentioned information:

Purpose of visit

Try to maintain a record of your past clients and try to find out the purpose of visits for your clients. You can have two categories for instance you can categorize the visits under business or pleasure. However, you need to collect this information smartly. You must not pry too much else your clients may get offended.

A number of Persons

Check on the number of persons that usually book your hotel in a given period of time. This data will help you in curating personalized solutions in the future.

Expectations of customers

Try to find out about the expectations of your customers. If you know what your clients are expecting then curating personalized solutions will be a cakewalk for you.

Get indulged in analytics to check the previous trends

You may be indulged in a lot of hard work to make your tourism business work but at times it is important to check the progress analysis as well. Tracking your progress will help you to know your improvement areas so that you can focus on them and become better with each passing day

By segmenting your customers into different groups you can do a trend analysis and address to varying requirements of your clients.

Optimize sales

You should also take out some time from your hectic schedule to analyze your sales cycle. Make a note of how much sales volume you achieved, in which quarter, what led to the sales etc. Introspecting on these questions will help you to optimize your sales to a significant extent.


Be active with your social media posts

Social media posts can get you quick attention of the clients. Also, use social media to announce your success stories that can get potential clients interested in your business. If some boys recently had an excellent experience in your hotel then you may consider asking that person to share his experience on social media platforms.

Use CRM s

CRM platforms can help in lead generation. Popular hoteliers make use of CRM software to convert their leads to sales. The CRM will help you to manage your relationship with your clients and will help you with the customer’s requirements so that you can address them in a timely manner.

Always have a strong CTA and your contact information on your website:

Many of the entrepreneurs invest their hard earn money in having an attractive website but they fail to have an attractive CTA for their website. The customers visiting their website like the nice web designs and the contents etc. but after going through the website most of the clients wonder, ok what next? To ensure that your leads convert to sales you must have strong CTA messages displayed on your website.

Do not forget to have your correct contact details on your website so that the clients can contact you easily. When customers can reach you easily it will help you to build customer relationship

Have a sparkling website, a solid customer care unit, and a well mannered front desk executive: Your front office is the first person your client interacts with within the hotel, hence having a courteous and well mannered front office representative can increase your customer’s satisfaction and can improve your brand value. In a similar manner, your website acts as your virtual face of the business so if your clients land upon a poorly designed website, then they may a bad impression of your business.

Hence you must get your web design done by an expert so that your virtual face can greet your clients with a smile. It is also important to have an efficient customer care team. The customer care team must be available even at wee hours to address their queries and concerns. Timely resolution to the problems and issues can lead to a satisfied customer which can have a strong impact on the sales.   

Follow the above customer relationship management tips to generate your revenue and to cut through the noise.