How to Prepare Watermelon Plants in Winter in the Nursery?

How to Prepare Watermelon Plants in Winter

How to Prepare Watermelon Plants in Winter Just like any other fruit, watermelon(Citrullus Lanatus) also requires a set of conditions to grow. It requires a warm climate and thus long summers are just perfect for growing this fruit. But how to prepare watermelon plants in winter in a nursery?

The watermelon plant is native to Africa because of the warm season over there. Besides the warm climate, it also requires well-drained, loamy soil and a lot of water for an appreciable growth of this fruit.

But what about people who are living in cold countries with not-so-warm summers and very cold winters. The good news is you can still harvest watermelon plants in winter in a nursery with the help of certain tips and tricks.

Are you interested in implementing those tips to get the best quality watermelons? Here is a list of some mind-blowing ideas to help you with your watermelon plantation. Let’s check them out!

Tips to grow watermelon in winter

Since watermelon is a warm-season plant you need to apply some techniques to grow them if you are native to a cold or not-so-warm place. But what are those techniques? How to apply them? How to prepare watermelon plants in winter in the nursery?

Here we will mention all the important tricks along with their elaborate explanation to help you in every possible way.

Heated greenhouse

This is one of the best ways to grow a climate-regulated plant. A greenhouse is made up of glass. When solar radiations fall on the glass it entraps the heat which makes the interior warmer as compared to the external weather. Thus, it helps in providing the watermelon plant with the required warmth to obtain the best harvest. You can easily set up a nursery indoor and get your desired results.

Peat pots

Another interesting way of growing winter watermelon is starting the growth indoors in late winter in peat pots as peat has the capability of generating heat. Finally, with the onset of spring, you can shift it outside or you can also keep it on windows where it can receive a little bit of sunlight so that the required conditions are well maintained and there is no hindrance in the growth of watermelon plants.

Choose the right cultivar

Depending upon the climate you have to choose the right cultivar which can match appropriately with the kind of season prevailing at your place. To name a few like “Sangria” and “Fiesta”.These are generally grown in warmer zones and they are one of the best cultivars with juicy dark red flesh along with a high amount of water.


The basic need of any plant is a good quality of soil. You can easily achieve it by composting to increase the fertility of the soil. It is also used to enrich the soil with nutrients that are essential for plant growth. You already know that watermelon plants need loamy soil so make sure that the soil you are using for the growth of the watermelon plant has a high level of moisture and humus along with good drainage for considerable growth of watermelon plants. Besides this, you should also ensure proper aeration of soil with the help of a spade. The watermelon plants should be spaced properly so that they get adequate space to grow potentially.

Proper watering

Since watermelon contains a high amount of water that is around 95%, it certainly needs proper watering to fulfill its water requirements. Please keep a check on the level of watering done every week so that you don’t overdo it.

Insulating the plant

Lastly, you can cover the watermelon plant with a black plastic cover to insulate the plant and maintain the warm conditions despite the cold external climate. This will not only help you to sustain the heat but also help in preventing the plant from weed which can potentially destroy the plant within a short period.


After reading this article you must be getting a clear idea about the conditions that are required for How to Prepare Watermelon Plants in Winter and how you can provide it with those conditions with the help of some scientific and natural ways.

You can grow watermelons for your household or you can also grow them on a large scale for commercial purposes. Climate is no longer a constraint when you know how to create your desired conditions.

However, it is generally demanded in the summer season in very warm countries because it is a rich source of water and helps you keep yourself hydrated under the scorching heat of the sun. Apart from that, its sweet taste and nutritional value also increase its market value to a large extent.

But if you are a watermelon lover then you can grow it anywhere and anytime without thinking about any limitations. Just bring in the seeds and start the plantation. Have some patience and wait for the sweet watermelons.