101+ Best Senior Year Captions for Your Picture

Are you looking for some great Senior Year captions? Here is a list of great senior year captions for your Instagram pictures and videos.

It’s senior year and you’re on Instagram. You’ve got your senior photos all planned out and you’re ready to go. But, the only problem is that you don’t know what to say in your captions! don’t worry check out these cute senior year captions

After scouring every single one of the millions of hashtags on Instagram, you still haven’t found anything that will fit with your photo or help you get more likes.

Senior year captions

  • In my hive, I’m the only queen bee
  • Being a senior makes me feel superior to others
  • Today as I became a senior I feel more confident and prettier
  • Hope I look like a senior now
  • I’m gonna be a senior and so is my sister
  • Being a senior will be my lifesaver
  • Being a senior makes me cleverer
  • Memories are yet to blur, I’m going to be a senior
  • Being senior feels super
  • The Roses are red and the sky is blue, I will be a senior and so will be you
  • Wish I can sparkle with the glory of success

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Senior Year Captions 2021

  • For me, the end is just another beginning
  • Looking forward to curating priceless memories
  • In the pursuit of merriness and happiness
  • Saying goodbye to yesterday is not so easy
  • For me, change is an ongoing process
  • Waiting for nothing but the best
  • Now my smile 🎉 resembles more like a senior
  • Yes! Now you are looking at a senior
  • Being a senior was never easy
  • Excited about my last day
  • Taking my last lap and proud to be a grad
  • I love to begin from the end

Senior Year Instagram captions

  • The best is indeed saved for the last
  • Now that I know how it feels like to be a senior
  • Being a senior makes me a dreamer
  • I’m eager to be a senior
  • Being a senior gets me closer to my dreams
  • It’s a pleasure to be a senior
  • My future got brighter, yes now I’m a senior
  • I’m a senior now and got smarter
  • I’m ready to take more pressure as I will soon become a senior
  • I’m getting close to my dreams faster as I’m about to be a senior
  • Success is around the corner as I’m gonna be a senior
  • Yay finally another phase of my education is about to commence, going to create memories

Senior Year Captions 2021 Instagram

  • As I enter another phase of growing up hope my dreams will be bigger than my fears
  • With my cap could fly high; wish my dreams could get wings so that I can soar in the sky
  • I’m going to be a senior and achieve the biggest milestone of my life
  • Though I’m a senior now I wish to stay fresh and new
  • Being senior is a part of growing up
  • Goodbye is just another word, to being something new is my new mantra for life
  • Entering the new phase of my life with joy and laughter…I’m finally going to be an amazing senior
  • Today I proved to be the best daughter, yes dad I’m now a senior
  • I no longer feel like a loser as I’m going to be a senior
  • Yes I became more popular by being a senior
  • For me, it’s an honor to be a senior
  • My stressful days are finally over as I became a senior

Funny Senior Year Captions for Instagram

  • I feel like a winner as I became a senior
  • Mr., now you are looking at a senior
  • Being a senior was not easier but it makes me feel like an achiever
  • I’m going to rule the school…I will soon be a senior and no one can ever make me fool
  • Being a senior melts all my stress. I promise that I will be better than the best
  • Being a senior feels the best, I’m truly blessed to commence this part of my career
  • I will act without any delay; I’m a senior finally and will change my life today
  • Thanks, dad and mom I could not be a senior without you guys

Short Senior Year Captions for Instagram

  • Can leave the past behind and welcome the new future. I Will cherish the wonderful memories forever
  • Don’t be surprised dad, I graduated eventually
  • Now I belong to the proud group of seniors
  • I had a blast and created fun memories of the past
  • I’m a free bird at last
  • I lived each day as if it was my last; I created wonderful memories of the past
  • I had a year to remember, I became a grad in September
  • Today I took the 1st step of my journey of thousand miles to success
  • I’m a grad and extremely glad for the same
  • Starting my dream and am about to unlock immense opportunities
  • I dared to soar high, I’m a grad now and it’s not a lie
  • Little things counted, small memories mattered, I took each step to success carefully and I made my parents proud by being a grad

Cute Senior Year Captions for Instagram

  • My parents are smiling bcoz of me and it is the best feeling in the world
  • Yes it finally happened; you are now looking at a grad
  • Can take a nap now as I’m a grad
  • I not only dreamt about success but I worked for it and achieved it
  • You will miss me when I’m gone and you will regret not dating me in high school
  • Being a grad made me smarter
  • I took the hardest climb and now I’m ready for the best view of my life
  • Thanks to coffee and my teachers for helping me grad
  • I made my girlfriends proud by being a grad
  • I’m a senior now and have more reasons to celebrate
  • Yes now that U experience the joy of being a senior


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