Avocados Will Save Your Life

Scientists said that eating an avocado a week is good for the heart

Replacing half a serving daily of but margarine, processed meats, butter, egg,or yogurt, cheese, or processed meats was associated with a 16% to 22% lower risk of cardiovascular diseaseCVD events.

Avocados are high in fiber and unsaturated fatty acids in particular Monounsaturated fatty acidsand other ingredients that have been linked to good cardiovascular health.

Eating two servings of avocados a week is linked to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease, finds a study, actually YET ANOTHER study, and this time by the American Heart Association.

Popularity has its dark side, especially environmental, as avocados are imported from countries far from Europe or grown in arid regions where they need an astronomical amount of water to grow.

A 30-year research that indicated that individuals who had at least 2 pieces of avocado per week are less likely to suffer from heart disease

“These findings are significant because a healthy dietary pattern is a cornerstone for cardiovascular health, however,

The study also showed that consumers who swapped out unhealthy fat options with avocados had better heart health outcomes.