"Better Call Saul" returns for its final season on April 18 on AMC and AMC Plus

Season six is broken into two parts; the second half is set to premiere on July 11

You can watch new episodes of "Better Call Saul" on AMC Plus or a live TV service like Sling.

Is 'Better Call Saul' on Netflix?

"Better Call Saul" is currently exclusive to AMC and AMC Plus, you can catch up on the first five seasons of "Better Call Saul" on Netflix.

Will Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul appear in 'Better Call Saul' season 6?

"Actors Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are set to appear in the final season of "Better Call Saul,"

AMC Plus occasionally offers early streaming access to shows like "Better Call Saul," so it's possible that upcoming episodes could be added even earlier

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul will reprise their "Breaking Bad" characters on "Better Call Saul."

Gould teased they may not be the only two familiar faces returning on the final season