Odisha's 18-year-old Shriya Lenka, who became India's first K-Pop star

Lenka's excursion to Blackswan began in 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdown when she began trying out for a few K-pop groups

Sriya Lenka was brought into the world in Odisha's Rourkela area in 2003

Since her life as a youngster, she was keen on the music and expressions industry

Lenka's dad, Avinash Lenka, works for a privately owned business in Jharsuguda.

Lenka is prepared in a few dance styles, including Odissi traditional structure, free-form, hip-bounce and contemporary

She has been building her dancing skills since the age of 12

Sriya Lenka decided to build on her K-pop dream after she watched the video of K-pop hit ‘Growl MV’ by Exo band and tried to copy the members’ moves.

She learnt Korean on the web and watched a ton of Korean shows to reinforce her grip of Korean language and culture