Stay fit and fine even after 40, so learn the mantra of healthy life from Sushmita

There is no answer to the beauty of single woman, single mother and best actress Sushmita Sen.

Sushmita Sen does yoga for mental health. Recently, she was seen following the breathing technique on Instagram.

Sushmita Sen eats homemade food

Beading exercises can help calm you down. It is very good for mental health. The best thing you can do is do it anytime and anywhere.

For evening snacks, she likes to eat vegetable-based sandwiches or idlis or a bowl of upma with a cup of coffee

In the video shared by Sushmita Sen, she is seen exercising with a resistance band. They

Sushmita Sen does pushups on the ball as well as doing normal pushups.

Sushmita Sen loves swimming. Swimming is a cardio exercise