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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Honey


The Health Benefits of Honey has to do a lot more with your body than you have ever thought of because of its indigenous qualities and naturally packed abilities you can expect a lot from it. So, the next time you go on for grocery shopping has a look at this blog too because it can change your mind to get honey for daily consumption.

Honey Lemon Water, is the healthiest drink of all!

Honey Lemon Water, is the healthiest drink of all!

Indeed honey is a remedy and has varieties of benefits for the human body. The best time to have it is early morning on an empty stomach, but one can also have honey in between meals. If you are bored of drinking normal water and want to have a mild-flavored drink in the morning then squeeze a few drops of lemon, and half a teaspoon of honey with warm or cold water, and in a few minutes, you can enjoy a low-calorie flavored drink that has many health benefits for a human.

Improves the digestive system

Improves the digestive system

Undigested food can lead to many health complications and lead to a feeling of bloated stomach and severe aches in the stomach, having honey helps to smoothen the excretion system, it also aids in the easy breakdown of food materials and seamless absorption of nutrients into the body. It also minimizes the acid content in the stomach. Well, now you know if you have a noisy stomach then honey can take care of it.

Detoxifies body

Detoxifies body

Today’s lifestyle has increased the chances of the body’s exposure to harmful chemicals and fertilizers, pollution and unhealthy food consumption, and other external factors resulting in the generation of toxins in the tissue of the skin, liver, and respiratory tract. Hence, drinking lemon and honey with warm water will help to detoxify the whole system of body.

Helps in clearing the skin.

Helps in clearing the skin

These days most of the youth are tired of pimples and acne, lemon has oil-controlling qualities and also aids in removing excess oil from the surface of the skin. The citric acid present in it helps to flush out free radicals and other toxic chemicals off the skin. Basically, you can easily get rid of rigid pimples, blackheads, and marks, and eventually, you can notice that your skin has been glowing more after the daily consumption of honey.

Increases the efficiency of the immune system

It helps people to avoid common infections and diseases caused by seasonal changes such as colds, flu, fever, etc. This can only help when one drinks lemon honey with warm water on a regular basis. Honey has therapeutic qualities and is rich in antioxidants, and antibacterial properties, it helps to keep infections away and also benefits in fast recovery from illness. Honey also tends to speed up the immune system by providing the required amount of healthy glucose.

Helps in burning fat

Harmful toxin inside the body is one of the most prominent reasons for gaining fat. A glass of warm water with lemon and honey can help remove all the toxins from the body and improves bowel movement in the body as well. Drinking this concoction on an empty stomach on a regular basis in the early morning can put the body into the fat-burning mode from the beginning of the day itself and you can even notice the results within weeks if you are working out at least 1 hour per day that too regularly.

Boosts energy

Honey can be used as a sugar substitute and can be added to the diet without any hitch, it is much healthier and has different varieties of health benefits as compared to sugar. One tablespoon of honey contains 64 calories and therefore in its purest form, finding good quality honey is difficult so make sure that there is no sugar added to it, because of its natural sugar content the breakdown of the calories also becomes easier and you won’t even feel anything even if you had 2 spoons of honey.

It helps to eliminate throat infections. (Honey and lemon are perfect for the minor virus)

Citrus food helps in the healing of sore or irritated throat also honey has tremendous bacterial-killing properties. Lemon helps in thinning of the mucus and makes it easier to throw it up. Honey, on the other hand, has peroxides that act as a disinfectant on the virus that is causing the problem. This mixture with warm water can also help in reducing the cough from the throat as well.

A diabetic patient can also have honey

Even many doctors these days recommend people with diabetes have some amount of honey as honey contains natural sugar and will surely have less effect on the blood sugar level as compared to the processed sugar in the market. Well, in recent research in the USA scientists said that honey can also be one of the cheapest and most probable medicine to cure cancer.

Increases wound healing capacity

Scientists have been carrying out many kinds of research on honey and with the passage of time, the world is coming to know many benefits of honey. Who knew that honey can also help people heal from external wounds or even cancer patients, honey basically increases the efficiency of healing tissues and help them perform accordingly, and also it works as a deodorizer for many moist wounds which smell quite bad. There are times when a moist wound takes even months to heal and at this time if you go on to consume honey (but in a limited quantity) then there are chances that your wound could heal resiliently within less time.

Keeps you away from many chronic diseases

Disorders or diseases like insomnia can cause real pain and also it affects the particular person a lot when it comes to mental health because most of the time you can’t sleep, you will be upset and many more problematic situations but a spoonful of honey before you go to bed can assure you that you get a good sleep and also honey keeps you away from many heart disease, maintains the blood pressure level, provide the body good cholesterol which can be really essential at times when you are physically exhausted or ill.

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