101+ Best Wedding Instagram Captions

Are you looking for some cool wedding Instagram captions? This article will help you find the right words to describe your wedding in a creative way.

Looking for that perfect Wedding Instagram captions to describe the amazing wedding you had? We know how tricky it can be to find the right one! For all you style-conscious couples out there, here are some of our favorite wedding captions.

While the world of weddings is always growing, it’s also about constantly updating and improving your wedding’s image. It’s so important to capture the right photos and keep them updated with captions for maximum exposure.

A wedding is a special occasion and a joyous celebration for most couples. But even before the big day, there are so many preparations and details to attend to. We compiled a list of inspiring wedding Instagram captions that capture the essence of this event, as well as some beautiful examples from real weddings.

Wedding Instagram Captions, a brilliant idea by Tracy and Jonathan, gives you a platform to express your love for the newlyweds. Many couples have been busy with wedding preparations and would often take their cameras along with them to capture precious moments from their special day.

So let’s talk about the Best wedding Instagram Captions

Wedding Instagram Captions

Here is the list of selected wedding Instagram Captions for your wedding photograph

  • Finally, the search for my Mr perfect is over
  • I always believed in happily ever afters
  • I am about to wed my best friend and our love will always be on-trend
  • Some love stories evolve with time
  • Dear hubby, my love for you can never end; don’t ever be scared as you will always have me to care for you.
  • I am eagerly waiting for our royal wedding.
  • Now you will be locked in my heart for a lifetime.
  • Finally, the day has arrived! Thank God! We don’t have to plan for our wedding anymore
  • Every day I become fonder of you, I love you so much that you don’t have a clue
  • And the new phase of our life begins
  • Who said one plus one makes two? I and you make 1 beautiful we
  • Hey wifey you mean the world to me
  • Dear hubby, you are the king of my heart and you complete me.

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Wedding Captions

Wedding Captions
Wedding Captions
  • For these wedding captions, you can use your Instagram Picture
  • Happily said ‘I do’ Dear wife, thank you so much for your unconditional love.
  • When I saw you for the first time cupid struck and now you will be mine forever
  • We are together because my weirdness is compatible with yours
  • Happy to blend my life with yours- cheers to a life full of love and cuddling
  • Darling let’s open the next page if our love story
  • Loved you non-stop now waiting for the wedlock
  • I am a gourmand but I love you more than I love food
  • Now you will be stuck with me forever
  • Our wedding memories can never be erased, let’s go on a nice date
  • Yay finally I can change my last name
  • It’s funny and strange as when I met you everything changed

Wedding Captions for Instagram

Wedding Captions for Instagram
Wedding Captions for Instagram
  • We complement each other like bread and butter- love to have you as my hubby
  • Happily hitched with you
  • We have our wedding today; I have so much love for you that I can never betray you.
  • A wedding can be as exciting as a tarot hearing
  • A perfect wedding can be stressful but finding true love can be exciting.
  • I love you more than your butterfly tattoo.
  • I love you and I want nothing in lieu
  • I am thinking of you day and night, your love has made me
  • I am eagerly waiting for our wedlock; I have so much passion that I can love you non-stop
  • Our wedding date is knocking at the door; I have so many feelings for you that you cannot ignore me anymore
  • Finally, we are Mr and Mrs
  • We are happily honeymooning’
  • We go together like copy and paste- your love is so pure that it can be never replaced.
  • All I needed is a loving dose, thanks for saving my life

Wedding Date Captions

Wedding Date Captions
Wedding Date Captions
  • I think of you day and night, now wedding bells are on my mind
  • My promises of love will always remain after our wedding I will give you so much love that you can never complain
  • Our dream wedding will get all the limelight, now 100 percent love is on my mind
  • You are gentle and kind, your love is wild and is my pride
  • Post-wedding love is in the air, we undeniably make the best pair
  • Life is short but love is not
  • You stole my heart and I stole your last name
  • We are imperfectly perfect and hence made for each other
  • I love my spouse more than anything else as the other materialistic things in my life can’t live me back
  • Starry moonlit nights and jingle bells- our love story is nothing lesser than a fairy tale.
  • My wife brings me sunshine when I only see rain and she brings me joy when I feel pain
  • Dear love, I can’t imagine my life without you
  • My love grows each day like a tree, for me, the world means only you and me

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Wedding Guest Captions

Wedding Guest Captions
Wedding Guest Captions
  • Dear love- you complete me. I’m thankful to the almighty for having you in my life
  • Can’t wait to be your wife, want you so badly in my life
  • After meeting you I started believing in eternal love
  • I don’t have time for temporary people in my life- hence I am with you
  • I believe in you more than I believe in myself- you are my Mr. Right and I can’t wait for you to hold me tight in your arms on our wedding day
  • Your sparkling beauty melts my heart, can’t wait for our married life to start
  • Love to love you, dear, thank god our wedding date is finally near
  • God has listened to my prayers as I found someone to love and care
  • Individually we are not perfect but together we make the perfect match
  • Happiness is rare but I find it every time you care for me
  • Happiness is having your partner in crime in your life forever
  • I found my sunshine in my wife
  • Dear wifey we are going to create an experience of a lifetime

Wedding Captions for Guests

Wedding Captions for Guests
Wedding Captions for Guests
  • Every love story is amazing but ours is unique
  • After marriage, I am happy and my feelings of love will forever stay
  • Happiness begins with you and melancholy ends with you
  • Your Love makes me feel as if I’m dancing in the rain. Oh darling you make me forget all my pains
  • Dear wife I’m truly blessed to have you in my life
  • You give me joy and make me laugh, dear hubby I’m bleeding to have you as my better half
  • Fulfilling promises can be tough as a happy marriage requires unconditional love


We hope you like these Best Wedding Instagram Captions, Wedding is the most important day in a person’s life. It is time to show how much you love each other. Let us know in the comments below if you have any other ideas for Best Wedding Instagram Captions.

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