What type of Pictures or Painting in the Living Room Gives Positive Energy?

What type of Pictures or Painting in the Living Room

Ever thought of putting up some image Or picture on the wall that tunes the atmosphere of the room to a calm and energetic mood? Whether it is your new office space or your new apartment, it is essential to set the atmosphere right for healthy relations to prosper. But the ultimate question is What type of pictures or painting in the living room gives positive energy?

Why is painting essential?

A wall hanging adds to the attire of the space. It is something that influences the subconscious mind without the person noticing it. A fierce painting may trigger anger in the people around. Whereas a  soothing painting calms down the brain and brings peace to the atmosphere. So the choice of a perfect image is necessary to bring positivity and reduce negativity to your space.

Which painting to choose?

The painting you want to choose depends completely on you. It’s your choice. Make sure the painting you choose is at par with the mood that you want your atmosphere to be in.

It is always a good move to go for nature images. Let’s see some of the suggestions of images that you can keep in your living room to usher positivity in your life:

  • The first suggestion we would offer is pictures of horses. Horses that should be either seven or multiples of two in number. The thing to look out for is that the horses should be running in the same direction and not in a dispersed way.

Horses represent opportunities and hence horses running in the same direction subconsciously center your mind to focus on a single goal. Horses running in dispersed directions fragment your attention. Another thing to consider is the vibes the face of the horses gives. It should not be a sad one, but one which exemplifies passion and courage.

  • The second painting in our suggestion would be of a flowing stream or river. This represents the flow of life and the powerful force of water. Sceneries containing stagnant water should be avoided. Keeping stagnant water images may make you feel stuck and immobile in your own life, which you do not want to be.
  • If your living room is also your study room, you can keep the image of your dream house, dream car or the photo of the personality you want to emulate in your life. This visualisation technique has scientifically proved to be one of the best ways to set goals. This increases the chances of you achieving the highest goals of your life.
  • Keeping the image of an exotic travel location is also recommended. This would preferably be the destination that is in your bucket list and you want to visit it ‘someday’. Trying this technique may bring that ‘someday’ closer, in your calendar.
  • Our next recommendation is the photo of a sapling that is just breaking the ground, to grow. This picture spreads the vibes of growth and breakthroughs. It instils a positive energy and gives a boost to your focus and concentration. And if you are going through some crisis in your life right now and you can’t get a way out, this is the picture of choice for you. It will program your mind to find a way to fight through the crisis and come out victorious.
  • Family photos are never a bad idea. Keep a group photo with your family in a place where you can regularly see it. This shall strengthen the bond in your family and make the circle tighter. It will also help you to recollect some beautiful memories that will make you smile even in your bad days.
  • Paintings of big trees hold a lot of meaning that is bound to affect you. A tree teaches a lot of lessons. Every part of a painting of a big tree holds a distinct meaning, let’s look into each of them. The painting as a whole represents greatness.

The old roots represent longevity and strength to surpass hard times. The empty branches stand for the fact that nothing is permanent and everything changes after a while making ‘change the only constant’. The fresh leaves symbolize a new beginning after each breakdown. And the sunlight beaming in between the trees symbolizes that no matter how dark it is, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Adding all this, you can go for a painting of trees for an impact in almost all spheres of your life.

  • Some people even prefer to keep bird images as a wall hanging. They are cute and adorable adding calmness to the attire of the room.


In this blog, we have put into perspective the different wall painting options available for you to choose from. In short, if you are a student go for the picture of your dream house or car or your mentor. If you are a business person you can use the image of seven horses or the scenery with flowing water. Businessmen can even use the photo of a sapling as a wall hanging. But if you are well settled in your life you can choose the cute pictures of birds, that will further enhance the beauty of your room.