71+ Best Engagement Captions For Instagram

Engagement Captions: Are you deciding to engage but you are still thinking about how to announce it among your friends and relatives? Surprise someone by putting your engagement photos on the internet and letting the world know you’ve committed to one another for the rest of your lives.

Post your engagement photos with creative engagement captions to let the world know about the special events in your life.

There are many different types of captions available, such as funny engagement captions, Engagement Announcement Captions

Engagement Captions

Happiness is to be treasured during good times. With witty engagement captions, share your couple’s photos. Prepare for some amusing remarks and captions from your family and friends.

  • My uncle advised me to learn to cook and wash clothes before getting married because I was newly engaged.
  • I’m committed to my delectable Tacos.
  • My Mickey Mouse has proposed to me.
  • Was it the tight tie or the commitment that made it feel suffocating after the engagement?
  • I got engaged, which is a delicious regret!
  • On this day of our engagement, I promise you that we shall spend the rest of our lives as Tom and Jerry.
  • Today is my engagement day, and I’ve added a little extra sweetness to our relationship.
  • You enrolled as my life partner for the rest of my life on this engaged day.
  • The term “engaged” has a pleasant ring to it.
  • Now that we’ve got engaged, let’s have some fun!
  • Is this ring making me appear… engaged?

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Funny Engagement Captions

Funny Engagement Captions
Funny Engagement Captions

Here is the list of Funny Engagement Captions

  • May your lives be filled with pure love from the day of your engagement to the end of the day.
  • It was during this trip that we got engaged. (Friends)
  • I wish you a beautiful life together today (engagement day).
  • Engagement is just a search for someone who shares your quirkiness.
  • This is an excellent day for an engagement.
  • Best wishes on your engagement! We’re confident that you’ll be able to make each other very happy. (Friends)
  • Engagement ring advice: make sure the band is tight so it can’t be removed!
  • Oh, see, I’ve got a new ring on my finger that day (engagement day).

Engagement Announcement Captions

Engagement Announcement Captions
Engagement Announcement Captions

Good day, everybody! I’ve only recently become engaged. ” Isn’t it the most basic thing in the world? You may find several new and creative Engagement Announcement Captions here, which are also quite natural and everyone uses this type of term.

  • Good day, world. I’ve been engaged to the love of my life for a year and a half!
  • We became bored in lockdown and decided to get married.
  • Finally, I was able to propose to my lovely princess.
  • Let’s raise a glass to our engagement toast.
  • Guys, it’s time to start planning your wedding! Because I’ll be engaged today.
  • God sent me to fall in love, get engaged, and marry.
  • Time for the engagement: My life, my rules! My heart now belongs to my lovely queen.
  • I’m blushing today because I’m engaged.
  • It’s already been a few hours since I’ve been engaged.
  • Finally, for the rest of my life, I’ll have one unique individual to tease. As a result, I’ll be Engaged.
  • I’m getting engaged shortly, so throw a celebration! To a person.
  • I’ll be announcing the Bachelor’s party soon because one of my buddies will be engaged soon.
  • We are overjoyed and overjoyed to share our recent engagement with you!
  • It feels great to have made a new commitment! Only my ideal engagement party comes to mind.
  • My engagement has arrived, and the countdown to marriage has begun.
  • She decided to alter her surname! because she is planning to marry me in the next few days
  • Our decision (to my engagement) has been approved, thus we are now forever.
  • It’s time to engage in the next chapter of our love story.

Cute Engagement Captions

Cute Engagement Captions
Cute Engagement Captions

Let the world know about your activity on social media. To make an ordinary post look engaging, submit a picture or video as a status and get great comments like the cute engagement captions.

  • Keep your cool and shout ‘Engaged’ loudly.
  • I already knew we were soulmates, and we’re getting set to get engagement.
  • Our families came together today to celebrate our engagement.
  • To my engagement ceremony, meet my forever spouse, my eternal valentine.
  • I’ll need you at my side for true happiness on my engagement day.
  • We will get engaged on this day because we were simply kids when we fell in love.
  • “When you realize you would like to spend the entire life with somebody, you want that time to start immediately and connect with them.”
  • This is the day of the engagement. My fairy tale has just begun with the arrival of my life partner, my hero.
  • My darling honey and I are getting engaged in a lifelong knot, and I am delighted to do it.
  • “Hey darling, I think I want to marry you,” I said in my engagement proposal.
  • I wish I could relive the moment of our engagement a million times over.
  • Love you yesterday, today, and tomorrow promises to be the theme of the engagement. Now I’ll love you every day of the year!
  • Engagement will be a part of our future recollections. We’ve made memories, we’ve just witnessed a memory, and we’ll keep making them.

Engagement Ring Captions

Engagement Ring Captions
Engagement Ring Captions

An engagement ring is a symbol of love, dedication, and commitment until the two souls are joined in marriage.

  • What’s new in today’s news? Take a look at the wedding ring I wear.
  • In our hands, we have an engagement ring that symbolizes our commitment to one another.
  • He finally put an engagement ring on my finger, oh my goodness.
  • The ring of true love is an engagement ring.
  • He got down on one knee, presented me with the engagement ring, and declared me to be his future bride.
  • The engagement ring is a constant reminder of a relationship’s loyalty.
  • An engagement ring is more valuable than any valuable stone, neither diamonds nor money.


If you’re stumped, combine a few captions or make something up on your own. Sometimes all you need is a unique and snappy engagement caption to make memes with your loved one.

Allow your social media fans to be taken aback when they learn of your engagement. We have such different types of captions as Cute Engagement Captions, Engagement photo captions, etc that will help you catch people’s attention instantly Thank You