Best 91+ Dark Pick Up Lines Which Make Impress your Crush

Are you ready to experience some best dark Pick up lines which might impress your crush? Don’t you think so normal Pick up lines are too boring and very overrated?

Why don’t you try something exciting and dark this time? Although it may require some extra guts and your luck because your dark luck may put you in misery.

But if you have sparkling luck, these dark Pick up lines will help you attract your crush. Planning to use something unique or dark this time.

Try these dark Pick up lines and try your luck. You will be amazed when these lines will work magically on you.

Best Dark pick up lines

Feeling happy and want to share it with all your readers? Here are the top Dark Pick up lines I hope you will be happy to read

  • I want a clone like yours. Would you mind borrowing your growing hair from me so that we both can grow together?
  • Do you want to call the emergency number? Dial it and see who arrives first here
  • Hey! I like your t-shirt. Can I study it? trust me; you don’t have to take it off
  • Call me baby, so I can bear a baby inside you every time you want
  • You may hear that bat has the ability to see in the dark. Try this bat and see what I can do in the dark
  • If you are lost in the dark, don’t worry, darling. I’ll be there for you to pick a belt in the dark
  • Hey babe. I’m a dark superhero that makes your nights darker

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Dark humor pick-up lines

These dark humor pick-up lines will have your readers laughing when you put on your Instagram pictures

  • I have just written something about you in my dark journal. Are you interested in reading it?
  • Can’t wait to experience a night today
  • I don’t want to come in between you, but shall I?
  • I would still prefer beauty
  • Are you a super fan of rainbows? Because you are allowed to taste my colorful rainbow
  • If you ever want to see your children, then do as I say. Then only can we see our children together soon.
  • I thought about you today once, and since then, I cannot stop for a second

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Dark pick-up lines Reddit

These Dark pick up lines on Reddit will help you with the best thing to say in your pictures

  • Do you want to know what looks good on you? It’s me
  • Is it me, or are you also wondering about us?
  • I want to build my home inside your socks so that we can take steps together every day
  • you look more beautiful in person than you seem in my telescope.
  • There is a tornado in the basement of my heart
  • Are you a fan of heavy metal? Because I can make you scream throughout the night with loud music of ours.
  • Can I spell the name of my love for you? It is S-T-A-L-K-E-R
  • Did you wish upon any star because it seems like your lucky day today?
  • Felling down? Don’t worry; I can carry you up

Edgy pickup lines

Looking for the Edgy Pick-Up lines? Check out these Dark Pick Up lines for our Posts

  • I’m lost in the ocean of your beauty because it is bigger than the Atlantic.
  • Are you a banana because I want to peel you?
  • Did you choke on a flashlight? Because your chest is too flashy
  • Come and let’s go for a ride. I’m your daddy’s friend
  • I’m throwing a house party for you. In my bedroom
  • It feels like we both are destined to get married to each other
  • Feeling sick and yet you are the medicine for my diseases

Dark humor pick-up lines Reddit

Here is the best Dark humor Pick up lines Reddit

  • Promise me not to call the cops because I want to touch you
  • I need your help. I want to take my eyes off you, but I cannot.
  • you are hot; my zipper is falling for you every time it sees you.
  • Can you lend me, love? I promise you to return right now.
  • Is your soda? Because you are looking for soda-Licious

Black humor pick-up lines

These Black humor Pick up lines are the perfect suit to all your Photos

  • Do you want dinner or dessert first?
  • Let’s celebrate our babymoon, where we can make babies.
  • Is bacon your favorite? So that I can strip you
  • Checked my battery %; it is at 90%.
  • Are you an expert in CPR? Because you took my breath away.
  • what do you do for a living other than taking my breath away?
  • I’m going to a complaint about Spotify
  • Does your name is parking ticket? Because fine has written all over your face
  • When I straight look into your eyes, I see innocence.

Funny dark pick-up lines

  • Never knew what I want in a woman, but then you happened.
  • I want to take you on a movie date. But they don’t let outsiders bring their snacks inside.
  • Do you know what would look beautiful on you? My arms
  • Are you an electrician by profession? Because you light up my day and night
  • Can I follow you on Instagram because I want to follow my dreams?
  • Are you google? Because you have all those features which I want

Non-romantic lovers are going to prefer these dark Pick Up lines. But, who knows, you may get a partner for eternity by using these dark Pick Up lines.

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